SKC Obedience , Jumper and Agility Trial

At last it over , we have our SKC jumper and agility trial on 26 March 2011 and 27 March 2011 for obedience.

For the agility and jumper trial, i have unexpected result from my Mr Prince and my Chili Padi JJ. Prince was very cooperative and i strongly believed that he can achieved additional one Champion in Open Jumper but due to my handling fault that he missed the tunnel. As for JJ, didnt expected her to win as this trial is just meant for a try out for her.

Result on the day :

Prince – Champion in Open Agility and Champion in Open Jumper

JJ – 4th in Novice Jumper

As for the obedience , didnt expected by turbo and disobedient boy will perform great in his pre novice especially he just went through 5 sessions of practicing.  For the Pre Novice, there are 13 dogs  – 4 BCs, 4 poodle, 3 shelties and 1 ST and only 5 dogs achieved a qualify score.  Prince was one of them and ranked 3rd placing with the same score as 2nd placing .

Good jobs my boy and girl 😀

Prince & JJ


Prince 3rd placing in Pre Novice

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