National Dog Walk 2011

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National Dog Walk 2011 (21 Aug 2011), we arrived at East Coast Park at about 0830 hrs . J brought me, Meteor, JJ and Tira for the NDW. J said, I need to burn energy before the agility run and that is why we are there at 0830 hrs when the event start at 1000 hrs.

J says I’m the most guai boy as i’m not distracted and focus on the obstacle, not like Meteor. For JJ, as she is a newbie , this round is just a practice ground for her.

J also registered Tira for fun agility as treat or toys can be use during the run. Athought it was very hot and J is not feeling weel, the result for the day was not that bad as i won the Mini Agility Champion and Tira got 3rd placing in her run.

Tis year, I didnt make it for the overall champion but J was happy and proud of my performance especially with my age now 9 yrs old fighting against a young BC.

NDW – Overall Champion AGility Video

In the afternoon, our little Smash also came to join the fun and he is offically introduced to J’s friend.

Some of J’s friends also comment that Smash look big / tall cos he is less than 3 mths . His height now is about 16 inch and weight 7.2 kg .

Although Smash should be there to enjoy, J said that he still need to learn to behavior no matter at what place ie socialisation and focus. So Smash for the sake of just a durian treat, doing his Focus and Sit .

The day was fun for me cos we sing birthday song and there are birthday cake for us. But J say we are not suppose to eat cos she find it is too hard and dry.

Looking forward for NDW2012 but J said , she is not sure whether i can still run like now .

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