World Animal Day

Prince :

25 Sept 2011 , World Animal Day at East Coast Park.

J registered me , Meteor , Tira and JJ for the Open cat Agility and Junior Cat Agility. The registration fee will goes to SPCA . However on the day, J withdraw Meteor as he having pain on his rear leg. 

The weather on that day was very hot that even the human also cannot take it. Our friends are there too , ie Donut, Kopi and Precious. Not forgetting, Smash also came to join us doing nothing but watching the crowd and dogs.

J very happy with Tira and JJ performance as they are fine with all the obstacle. JJ drop from the table cos she cant brake in time , LOL and missed the weave poles once.  

Result :

Prince : 1st in mini dog Open Agility

JJ : 3rd in Junior Agility

and Precious , 2nd in Junior Agility. Jia You Donut , we waiting for u to join us for picture taking, can u see a space btw us ?

Back home , after 7 hours of outing on 24 Sept 2011 and 5 hrs outing on 25 Sept 2011, our little Smash KO , charging his battery again.

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