Last Agility & Jumper Trial Yr 2011

At last , it is the last trial for Yr 2011.

Tis trial , i registered JJ for 2 Jumpers, Meteor for 2 Jumper and 2 agility and Prince for 2 Jumper and 2 Agility.

The performance for my 3 dogs are better compare to the last trial. JJ more steady and faster however no Q for her due to one bypass (handler fault) and one slip and fall . Thanks God nothing happened to her.

For Meteor, he is more focus and didnt when to look for any girls however also no Q due to the following fault :

  1. 1st Jumper – knocked down a bar
  2. 2nd Jumper – jump wrong direction
  3. 1st Agility – Dog walk miss contact
  4. 2nd Agility – speed to fast and lost his brake on the table

As for old man Prince, 9 yrs old, he is the best except the 1st Agility , cos i might have burnt him toooo much as he had his swimming session before the trial and pawpad a bit tear and on the day of trial, i still let him running at the field for almost 2 hours .

Result :

  1. 1st Jumper – champion
  2. 2nd Jumper – champion
  3. 1st agility – a refusal on a jump
  4. 2nd agility – champion

With the latest winning, my Prince’s JD title become JDX 😀

Apart from that , on the trial day, Smash was there too and he was extremely good boy and learning agility by watch the trial.

Last but not least, thank to Poh for sending over a pot of hot Milo 😀

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