June SKC Obedience / Agility / Jumper Trial

Had not been very active in Obedience since i semi retired my CoCo in 2006 …. Until 16 Jun 2012, decided to try but obviously not CoCo but her son, Meteor. Meteor had stopped obedience since 2006 after he achieved Champion in Novice level and concentrated on agility and jumper.

Had our last minute practice and learning new exercise such as drop on recall and stay out of sight. The trial was held at one of the HDB pavilion at Hougang Area. The judge is one Mr David Rumble from Australia. The weather was very hot on that day. So no warming up for Meteor but just staying in the aircon car with the driver until his turn.

Meteor was the first dog for intermediate. I’m happy with tis boy, as he does all the exercises althought he had given me some heart attack on drop on recall and board jump exercises. He does perfectly on his fetch cos he is a boy that does not like to fetch or holding anything in his mouth. He is a boy that does not like to be touch by anyone and does not like to stay near any dogs that is biggest than him. I am great that he stay well during the stand, sit and down exercises. Good job my boy for being co-operative and not giving me attitude. With that, he managed to get 1st in Intermediate with a not very good score of 175 points.

Here my kisser :

Meteor, the kisser , receiving his trophy for Intermediate level

17 June 2012 , was our agility / Jumper trial and location is at West Coast Dog Run. This round i only trial Meteor and Prince, no girls as it is a distraction to Meteor.

Tis round i managed to had our school tee (APawz dog training school) . Here a pic of me (one wear a cap) and my students.

APawz sports team

Another pic of us w/o dogs. All are lovely ladies ……..Ohhhh and gentleman too. Yes , a nice guy, will nv forget his homemade MILO before he started trial his girl, Precious.

Last but not least, i didnt take any pic with my dogs winning except the group pic due to the light. My boys result as follow :

Prince : Champion in Master Jumper (yay 4Q to go for his title)

Meteor : Champion In Open Jumper (yay at last , U get the final Q and title is JDX. No girls are the best choice)

Here we are . Not all shelties , there is one CHH POWER .

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