Last Agility & Jumper Trial for Yr 2012

Our last trial for yr 2012 and also the 1st night trial at new venue. Tis round signed up another new dog, Smash a 17 mth old BC. With my busy schedule i still decided to try him out. Before the trial, we had our pre trial run thru and i did try Smash . He perform badly. Due to that, i decided to sign him for agility trial too as a warming up before he exact jumper trial.

On the day of event, the venue ie ground was great and big BUT it was located at HDB area whereby it a minus minus points. So how is my SLOW BC , SMASH performed ? Smash was considered quite well behave at the trial venue and he had his first height measure. The measurement is 20.5 inch which i know that they had measure him wrongly BUT i still hope that during USDAA measurement, tis type of mistake will be great.  As for his trial performance, Im happy with him except we totally got NO LUCK for tis round.

Here a vid on analysis on Smash’s jumper trial …

Based on the video and the software i had, his 1st jump time started at 0:00:4.o and 2nd jump at 0:00:04.7 and the 3rd jump at 0:00:05:5. Total time taken is about 1.8 sec.

Is he fast ???

Fast, how fast is fast .. what is the definition of fast ??? I believed he is classified as a SLOW BC .lol

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