FCI & SKC Show Conformation

Last show for Yr 2012 and it was held at Tampines West Community Club. The place was quite small that no place for me to set my grooming table .. Only able to groom my girls on the floor 😦

FCI judge , Mr Kwon Sang Kook (Korea)

Tira : 1st intermediate , CC, graded excellent and R/Winning Bitch
JJ : didnt win any except graded excellent.  

SKC Show conformation’s judge, Mr Martin Riady (Indonesia) . Based on Mr Martine Riady background, he has also been involved and bred shetland sheepdog. Maybe due to his background, he bend low just to see the front and back movement of sheltie movement.

Tira : 1st intermediate, CC
JJ : 1st in Champion cat, WB, RBOB, 2nd runner-up in Best In Group

Happy with my 2 girls performance 😀


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