1st Obedience Trial of Yr 2013

Date : 09 Mar 2013

Venue : Ulu Pandan CC

Dogs taking part : Meteor and Smash

Signed Meteor for Intermediate and Smash just JFF obedience . As it was last mins signing up , no training was conducted especially for both .

Did trained Smash on JFF exercise on Nov or Dec 3 days before the trial, since then we had been r&r till 2 days before the trial. We have our last min crash course, yes i know Im a lazy handler.

As for Meteor , he retired obedience since 2005 whereby he completed his Novice trial. Till last yr June 2013, decided to trial in Intermediate, thus we had a 1 week crash course ie warming up his heelwork , stay exercise plus training new exercise such as Drop on recall, fetch and board jump. After our trial , we again stopped our training till 2 days before our trial.

Great that tis old man still remember the exercise . On the day of trial (9.3.2013), i very happy with tis lil old man, he gave me a good heelwork and everything goes smoothly except stand stay , whereby he moved.

Although we have to say bye bye to our 2nd placing based on the score, but i am very happy with him. Here the score sheet and his nos 703 .

score sheet

After the intermediate, i started to warm up Smash and he was very distracted. As it is just a JFF , not much stress from me. Im happy that while in the obedience ring, he did performed great.

As i had forgotten to record Meteor Intermediate obedience, so i signed me for JFF . As Meteor is overqualified for that level, we can still proceed for the trial except no placing for them.

Here a videos of Meteor & Smash:D

Here a pic of their winning 😀

1st in JFF . Think time to really train him and compete in Pre Novice
1st in JFF . Think time to really train him and compete in Pre Novice

2nd JFF1st ob trial

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