Pet Idol 2013

Remember Sept 2013, after J went for her Taiwan. While at Taiwan, she received a call from one of the staff from Pets & Friends , at the same time, they asked her to join the Pet Idol i.e. 4th round which will be held at Telok Blangah CC. To cut off the conversation short, she agreed without much thinking.

On the day of the event, our Q no were 39 , the 2nd last contest and still do not know what to do, J decided to perform my catching skill and we ended with a pass to the grand final. Lucky star on me 😀





On 28 Oct 2013, J went to draw lot and we had our lucky nos. 9


One week before the Grand Final, J then decided what to perform and sent the props i.e. music, to the organiser.

We are going for our 1st ever dog dancing .. ah woof . J spent few hours listening to music and trying to figure wat to do . After she decided then we had our 3 days of practice.

On the 7th day , i.e. 10 Nov 2013, we are ready to set off .

J luv pink but lucky she dun wear pink but she luv wearing black 😀
J making fun of me before we leaving home

Total today there are 26 contests for the Grand Final.  Our today performance is dog dancing , music 007 .. JAME BOND.



During the performance, due to some pause pause and some mistake i make, J have to make changes in order to carry on with the dancing. But great it ended nicely with great comment from 2 of the judges.

we are in top 3
Result : 2nd runner up for the Pet Idol


Here a vid

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