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We started with rough/long coat Border collies which is Black white show line  & performance brown white.

Few years later, we decided to have a smooth coat (NAP Type BC) border collie, Sniper. A pure smooth coat Border collies, ISDS bloodline , KC cert from UK.

Since then i love & only owned smooth coat Border Collies without any regret, even though they dont look pretty/handsome compare to a long/rough coat BC.

Why i smooth coat border collies :

– a good working structure

– a Strong work ethic

– Versatile Athletic

– a dedicated working companion

For the betterment of the breed.

All our border collies are DNA tested , result cleared .
OFA hip score excellent (FCI Score A) .
OFA Elbow Score normal (FCI Score 0)

Sniper – ISDS , UK Pedigree 2x WAO qualifier for Year 2017 & 2018 Trained in agility.