Do you know there different type of personalities for Border Collie Personalities ?

Here are a 4 types of personality.

  • A bold personality will need a reason for doing anything. He will always be testing the boundaries you’ve set. He will be the quickest to protest if you withhold work for some reason. He can also be the dog you depend on most, if you’ve earned his respect and trust.
  • A timid personality will need lots of encouragement. Give a timid dog at least three days to adjust to new situations and training. Don’t give up on socializing this type of dog, but always start new training in a quiet environment. Gradually work up to loud, stressful situations. This Border Collie will be your emotional support when you’ve had a bad day.
  • A melancholy personality can be either frustrating or amusing. This dog will quit and lie down in a corner if things don’t go his way. Just ignore him for awhile—even these pouters are workers and will come around. Combine training with rewards of his favorite activities.
  • An upbeat personality takes life as it comes and makes the best of it. He watches everything. You won’t realize the dog is learning until he amazes you with his new skills. He’s a stable, versatile dog. He’ll do everything asked of him; be careful not to overwhelm him.

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