Do you know there are several physical types for WBC ?

Yes , there are 3 types and all of which are correct and serve specific purposes, depending on terrain and type of stock to be worked. There are smooth coated, often prick eared, lightly boned and very fast “lurcher” or “fox collie” type which is an acestor of the Smooth Collie, Kelpie and Australian Cattle Dog.

The large, drop eared, heavy coated Northumbrian type, good for cattle, sheep and droving large flocks – requiring a bigger, powerful dog. These dogs are the major ancestor of the rough Collie,English Shepherd and Australian Shepherd.

The foxy faced, fine boned, rough coated “Highland type” found on the islands, rocky shores and steep highland areas requiring a sure footed, fast, small dog which is the ancestor of the Sheltie. Recently, as a result of intensive linebreeding on Wiston Cap, at all, athletic type with prick ears and a rough or medium coat has developed. These dogs are rather setter like in build, very fast and doing very well in herding trial work. In addition, there are many combinations in between

Ok , so which types is Smashie???

A cross between 1st and last ? U guess

Here some pic of Smashie

He doesn’t have double coat but not smooth coat.

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