Best Puppy In Show


For Year 2018, we had our 1st show conformation at United Square . Only took part in one show , FCI Show judged by Mrs Pamela Campbell

Result for 27th & 28th Jan 2018

FCI Show , judged by Mrs Pamela Campbell

Our lil gal , Sassy awarded :

  • Best Open In Breed
  • Best Open In Group
  • Graded Excellent
  • Challenge Certificate
  • R/CACIBwith her latest winning , our Sassy is now SG Champion (pending SKC confirmation)fullsizeoutput_8d
    On the same day, our lil puppy Sherwin also had this 1st ever show conformation. He is currently 32 weeks old with 14 3/4 inch tall

Result for him :

  • Best Puppy In Breed
  • Best Puppy In Group
  • Best Puppy In Show
  • Graded excellent
  • fullsizeoutput_485


Year 2017

Due to busy schedule , we had not been updating our dogs result

But end of Dec 2017 , we just had a overall about our furkids.

Result for our Agility Trials 

1st UKI Trial
Our 1st UKI trials Tis trial only sign Sniper for full trials & Swagger just speedstake as he yet to train in weave. Result : Sniper 4th with Q in jumper beginner 1st with Q in speedstake 2 beginner Swagger 2x 1st with Q in speedstake 1 & 2 beginner Super proud of Swagger as he just started his official training 2 mths back plus happy that he didn’t run away to do marking or say hi to dog or human.
16472837_1432129470145353_1658284981026254040_n Happy Swagger with his 2 rosettes from UKI trials
Sniper at Our 1st FCI Agility & Jumper in Singapore Sniper the novice bb have his 1st taste of FCI trials. Not super performance but managed to get 1st in Agility & 3rd in Jumper. Judge : Kaitoda Masanori from Japan


1st in SKC Open Jumper Large
Swagger 1st in SKC novice Jumper , cleanrun Course Distance : 116m SCT : 50s Timing : 25.37s


2nd in Large Agility SKC Open Championship
End of year 2017 ,top qualifier for 600mm for nxt year WAO
End of Year 2017… Our invitation for Sniper . Tis is the 2nd time invited .


Result for Show Conformation 

Our lil Sassy gal at SKC Group 1 Specialty Show Judge : Mr Tan oon Hock awarded Challenge Certificate


Sassy gal 2x BW 2x Challenge Cert


Last show for Year 2017 . 2x WB 2x Challenge Cert




Our Smash , BC is busy with his model project while Wira, shelties is having her motherhood